The most diverse of all the races, humans come in many forms and cultures. They have also proven themselves the most industrious race, and this has afforded them the ability to survive where others might perish. Humans were the first race to develop the magical arts and the greatest mages of the world are usually human. Some of the most influential civilizations in the world today are governed by this gregarious race. Humans live to an average of 80 years.


The most abundant type of human, the term “Aeryn” is a catch-all term used to identify any human who does not appear to resemble any of the other four sub-races. The largest and most powerful kingdoms in the Sanctuary are peopled by Aeryns. They have a penchant for developing large, civilized societies and can be found in just about any corner of the world.

Characters of the Aeryn sub-race look like just about anyone you could picture walking on the street. They have no restrictions of costuming or make-up.


Hailing from the distant deserts of the south, the Dervish have a knack for survival that never ceases to amaze their fellows. By practicing an intricate system of rites and customs – most built around the concept of ‘water as life’ – the Dervish thrive where others fail. More than any other race, the Dervish have come to accept the loss of their former lands. It is their belief that their new home in the deserts of Artanna is the nothing less than the first paradise of the gods, and that the great “Watcher in the Stars” personally led them to it. Of all the human races, the Dervish are the most tolerant of the Djinn – whose kingdom of Ashendar includes their small desert home. Innately superstitious, Dervish often follow priestly pursuits, but are just as likely to be of any profession.

These people dress in flowing clothing of drab colors. They will always cover their heads, men with head wraps, and women with scarves or the like.


Considered barbarians by some, the Erlish originally hail from the Northern continent of Erridor. Strong and hardy, the Erlish have long been a warlike people, and their ships remain the fastest and most lethal in the world. Their warriors are beyond compare. The Erlish tend to shun large cities and prefer to live in smaller communal villages. Despite their reputation as barbarians, the Erlish are actually very cunning and intelligent. Aggressive and quick to latch onto a single solution, they have a reputation for stubbornness, pride, and fierce (if slow) loyalties.

Erlish will always wear a considerable amount of leather and fur. It is encouraged that the costuming contain Celtic or Norse markings.


The nation of Imperia is long gone, but its people have come to inhabit many corners of Artanna. Despite their actual wealth, all Imperials possess the fine tastes of the most highborn aristocrat. Viewed by many as downright arrogant, Imperials nonetheless prove time and again the true mettle of their bright lineage. Imperials tend to shy away from melee professions – and only a handful take on clerical endeavors. Imperials truly shine when wielding the powers of magic, and many of the greatest wizards have Imperial blood in their veins.

Imperials will dress in fine clothing, scholarly and formal. Men as well as women will wear robes at all times.


the Romani are the wandering refugees of Aeryn. They are also the newest race of humans in the world. The Romani began when the demons swept over three quarters of the world – forcing those who survived to band together in wandering troupes for protection. Over time, these bands grew larger, eventually joining together under the banner of Angelo Romani, the infamous “Dirty Angelo.” The Romani follow a unique set of traditions and rules and often feel their loyalty to this “code” should exceed all others. Because they come from so many different heritages, no two Romani are exactly alike – though a penchant for loud colors, good music, and rich spirits, seems to be a common thread.

Romani will wear bright clothing and bells.