World of Artanna

The Apocalypse has come.

The Gates into infernal Erebus have been opened and from them issue a host of demonic powers bent wholly on the destruction of Aeryn, the mortal world. Only one small continent remains untarnished. Preserved by the now quiet gods, the Sanctuary of Artanna stands as the last bastion of mortal life in the world. Cut off from their histories and ancient homelands, the mortal races are challenged to band together in order to reclaim all that has been lost.

But victory will not come easily. Whether by sword’s glinting edge, or by spell’s mystical might, great battles must be fought in order to slowly lift the veil of the demonic Scourge.

The Sanctuary of Artanna contains all that survives of the mortal races. Every mortal in Nocturne is born in Artanna, the descendants of those mortal refugees who fled their homes over four centuries ago.

The Prophecy

The Prophecy stands as a beacon of hope in an age of strife. Uttered by a Lorekeeper lashed to the Black Oak, the prophecy speaks of a means to defeat the demonic host and so end the Scourge forever. Its validity is fiercely debated and there are those who believe that it is nothing more that a ploy of the Lorekeepers to sate the populace of Artanna. Still there are those who believe in the Prophecy and cling to the hope that they might see the end of the Scourge in their own lifetimes.

The Prophecy states that:
“Out of Light and out of Darkness there shall be forged a nation that shall grow great in strength and power and so one day defeat Ixiel and end the Scourge forever.”

So rang the words of the Prophecy, which heralded the founding of a nation that would rise to end the horror of the Scourge. In the wilderness between the nations of Ashendar and Valan-Tir, a group of pioneers and adventurers have assembled in a bid to take up the gauntlet thrown down by the Prophecy.

Their town is called Iargail, which in the Aeryn tongue means, “Home.”

As a player in the world of Nocturne, you will be joining many others in Iargail, the nation of the Prophecy. Those who take up residence in the town are expected to respect its laws and encouraged to work with the other townsfolk to create a nation worthy of the Prophecy’s challenge. For if Iargail is to indeed be the first spark of a flame that will reclaim the world of mortals, than it will be challenged by forces of ancient might and cunning. Even the smallest voice may prove crucial to ending the war forever and thereby save all mortals from their impending extinction.

In return for this cooperation, Iargail will offer training in all the major profession paths. The Cathedral of Light will take in all those who wish to learn about the Pantheon of Gods known as the Eddar. Or if your path leads you down more sinister roads then perhaps you will find what you seek in the Citadel of Darkness. Perchance the lure of magic and the arcane arts calls you from the astral world? The Conclave of Magic will be eager to impart its wisdom to you. And finally, if your faith is in your weapons, and your magic in the protection of your armor, then perhaps you will seek out the ringing forge at the heart of Iargail’s Arena, where the mightiest warriors train always for the war against the demonic host.

Whatever your path, Iargail stands at the front lines of a battle that will end in the destruction of all that mortals have built – or with victory over all that demon kind has conquered.

Answer the call. Fulfill the Prophecy. An Age of Legends is about to begin…