The Light of the West, Valan-Tir was built upon the ruins of the old Imperial lands of Travaine. Off the southern tip of Valan-Tir – easily seen from the capital city of Liege – stands the great Obelisk of Truth. The Obelisk stands in the very center of the channel between Artanna and the southern hinterland.

Because of its proximity to the southern hinterland, Valan-Tir was the first area settled by those fleeing the demon hoarde. As such it is also perhaps the most watchful of the Enemy. The two guardian towers of Bahadarath are the tallest mortal made structures in Artanna. They stand perpetually manned and maintain an unwavering vigil over the channel and the hinterland beyond.


Liege is the capital of Valan-Tir. Its ruling monarchy is as old as the kingdom itself. The former ruler of Valan Tir – King Strephon Antonedes II ruled with wisdom and strength for almost eighty years before his death in the year 507. Sovereignty passed to his second son Strephon Antonedes III who took up his fathers seat in Liege.

Brother of the King, Edric Antonedes d’Britaine is the Lord Champion of the Crusaders. Like all of three of the Emissary faiths, the Knights have a strong presence in Valan-Tir. The holy city of Archum Valoris is their primary stronghold in the Sanctuary. The knighthood has made strong inroads with local arenas and together crusaders and armsmen patrol borders and maintain the most defensible system of walls and towers of any kingdom in the Sanctuary.

Some of the most important shrines to the Goddess Evora are in Valan-Tir including the Shrine of Hope, believed to be the deathplace of Dianwen, Evora’s mortal avatar. Whilethe power of the Eddar in Valan-Tir is unquestioned, there has in recent years been a small – but very real – increase in the followers of the Sh’ddar. This has much to do with the Covenant Accords which were penned and enacted by the Old King. The Accords were drafted in honor of the Covenant of the Gods and allowed the first Citadels of the Sh’ddar to be built in Valan-Tir. Disciples are strictly monitored and their numbers remain small. However, the wisdom of the Accords is still a subject that is hotly debated.

Recently a Separatist movement has appeared in Valan-Tir. Separatists openly condemn the Covenant Accords and have made many secret inroads throughout the Kingdom of Light. Their plans to create a kingdom free of the Sh’ddar culminated in a recent attempt to seize the fledgling nation of Iargail. While this effort was eventually routed, the influence of the Separatist movement remains a strong – if submerged – undercurrent to Valan-Tiran politics.


Many races are drawn to the stability and generous spirit of Valan-Tir. Humans of all sub-races are its primary inhabitants, followed closely by Sylvans and Khunari. Valan-Tir is broken up into the provinces of Britaine, Locharron, Kalthea, Tourval, and Devon.