Cirith Valledor


There is a saying that the Djinn have coined that says, “An elf is always less than half of what he appears to be.” The same can be said of Weir Wood, the capital of Cirith Valledor. On the surface, the forest appears to cover the Sylvan half of the city and only the well trained eye can see any evidence of civilization. Magic combines with a natural downgrade that pulls seven rivers to the center of the city, where the forest suddenly opens in a great and nearly bottomless chasm.

Floating over the chasm – suspended by means no longer completely understood – hovers Tirin-drasil, the great palace of Weir Wood. As high as it is deep, the palace wears a spiraling crown of slender ivory spires and a plunging beard of jagged, rock-hewn earth. The chasm is flocked with caves and softly glowing plant life, and all about the inner rim one can clearly make out distinct structures used by the Drow. Bridges and balustrades, towers and tunnels – all disappear in the deepening gloom of the endless chasm.


Believed by many to be the most ancient civilization in Artanna, Cirith Valledor has been an integral part of local as well as global history from time immemorial. The population is almost entirely elven. Other races visit infrequently, and only a rare few set up any kind of permanent residence. The only exception is the College of Lorekeepers in the Twilight Sea, which is open to Lorekeepers of all races.

Also within the borders of Cirith Valledor is the Black Oak, Cerabril – saved from the clutches of the Demon by the power of the gods. Few have ever sailed out to the remote island where the tree grows, but it is large enough to be easily seen from the northern border of Weir Wood. None may approach the Tree – save those few Lorekeepers who give their lives in the hopes of retrieving a true prophecy. All who attempt to explore the waters surrounding the Tree are destroyed – by Lorekeeper magics as well as elven swords. And if the penalty for trespass is not exacted by the elves, then it comes from the Tree itself…


The Eye of the World, as it is known, Cirith Valledor is the heart of elven-kind on Aeryn. It is from here that the Court of Weir Wood, led by King Zytheryn rules all elves – Drow as well as Sylvan.