The “blank” race. Shifters are not a true race – rather many view them as a curse sent by the gods to punish mortals for their sins. Sterile from birth, shifters can be born to any of the mortal races, but are recognized at once for something else. Of human seeming with pure white hair and skin, the birth of a shifter invariably causes the death of one of its parents – mother OR father. This brings them much fear and torment by their respective communities forcing them into exile at early ages. Fortunately, the shifter possesses the ability to alter his appearance to resemble that of any of the other mortal races. Once she masters this ability, the shifter can move about in relative safety – but never with total ease. Please keep in mind that shifter characters must revive in their true forms, and cannot assume a different form for at least 30 minutes.

Shifters are white skinned with white hair. They have no appreciable facial features in their natural form. It is extremely rare to ever see a Shifter in their natural form.