The Reptan are an ancient race that few have ever heard of, and of those few, most thought the Reptan were just rumors or stories. They were once a race that chose to stay secluded from the rest of the world, but have recently been forced into it by the scourge. A typical reptan is usually very inquisitive and highly values lore and other knowledge, they also tend to hold nature in high regards. Because the Reptan have only recently joined the rest of the world they can seem shy or aloof to others. Also, because of their love for knowledge the reptan can seem rather stuffy or drab at times. However, when their nose isn’t in a book and they’re around others or in a comfortable surrounding they are typically friendly, fun-loving pranksters.


Reptan are reptilian humanoids and their skin is made up of a thin layer of scales. All exposed skin should be covered in brown and have an apparent, black, scale pattern.