Gnolls tend to have a chief and head priest for every tribe. The Chief is usually an older, more experienced martial class or Warden, if not some mix of the two, who takes council from the tribe’s priests. Gnolls are extremely aggressive, brutish, and savage, but still work surprisingly well together within their clan. Each individual accepting their role within the clan and working for the survival and betterment of their clan and race. Clans tend to fight amongst each other but it’s usually more a show of power to intimidate weaker clans and rarely does it become fatal as they strive for the survival of their species. However, gnolls are sadistic and though fights amongst each other are rarely fatal it is not uncommon for the weaker to be tortured or degraded. Gnolls tend to stay with other gnolls as they dislike even other horde races. Though, they have been known to make exceptions for orcs, who are the most tolerable of the non-gnoll races, which they often trade with.

Only four known Gnoll Tribes still exist in Artanna today. These tribes are:

  • Cracked Hammer
  • Twisted Fang
  • Broken Spirits
  • Roaring Stalkers

Of these four, the Twisted Fang Tribe is the largest. These gnoll tribes are responsible for various Caravan raids, kidnappings, and murders throughout Artanna. The four tribes are all that’s known throughout The Sanctuary, though some believe there to be other smaller tribes or groups, too small to be considered tribes. This is mostly because, since the Horde alliance with the demons the gnoll numbers have been growing.


Most of Artanna is aware gnolls are a Horde race created by reforged Khunari. Most seem to agree Gnolls are clever, tricky, and one of, if not the, smartest of the Horde races. However, many also believe Gnolls suffer from some degree of insanity. Though, it has also been debated if they’re truly insane or if they’re truly smart enough, to be pulling off some long-lasting ploy.

It has been long debated if Gnolls are truly ingenious, and have some mysterious agenda of their own, or if they really do suffer a degree of insanity. Either way, one thing is certain; Gnolls are sadistic, savage, show no mercy to their enemy, and have always been a problem for the rest of the world, and even more so since they and the rest of the Horde joined the scourge, which makes it difficult for “friendly” gnolls to find a home.


Unlike Orcs, who’s tribes are recognizable by their marking, that defected from the Horde, gnolls truly traitorous to the horde are extremely rare and are unrecognizable from those still loyal to the Horde. It’s because of this, along with their past, that most are met with nothing but mistrust or violence. Those Gnolls that have defected from the Horde will usually find a place accepting of them and settle there. As they’re still hated throughout most of The Sanctuary and are outcasts and traitors to the rest of the Horde and Scourge, long travel, to these gnolls, usually means death. Sometimes, however, these Gnolls have no choice. Even those people who are accepting and willing to take a chance with Gnolls, if to many begin to settle in one area, those once accepting people quickly grow uneasy and suspicious, and quickly push them away.

General Knowledge about gnolls known throughout The Sanctuary. Those who play a gnoll may ask for additional extended lore.