New Players

Nocturne is a LARP (Live Action Role-Playing) game, based out of beautiful Northern New Jersey, which offers an immersive medieval fantasy gaming experience all year round. We provide a rich role-playing intensive environment, with the thrill of live-action combat with safety padded boffer weapons.

If you are new to LARP, or just new to our game, you will find some useful first-time tips here.

Game Mechanics & Terminology

  • Essence: Essence refers to how much damage your character can take before being knocked unconscious and possibly dead.
  • Mana: Mana is a fuel that drives many magical abilities. As you cast spells, prayers, or a variety of other effects, it will drain your Mana.
  • Vigor: Vigor, like Mana, is a fuel for some abilities. Unlike Mana, however, Vigor is usually used for the martial skills of the Armsman, Rogue, and Spellsword.
  • Damage: Damage is called out-loud by a player or NPC when they strike you with a weapon, or certain effects. When the amount of damage you’ve sustained equals or surpasses your Essence, you are rendered unconscious, and eventually dead. There are various types of damage that may be called.
  • Tag Ring: A tag ring is a physical method of tracking your Essence, Mana, and Vigor. When your character visits a Font, your character can switch to their next Tag Ring, effectively refilling their Essence, Mana, and Vigor. At registration, you may purchase up to three Tag Rings per event (and thus visit a Font twice).
  • PC: Player Character. Those who are playing the game as the character they have created. A player who is playing their character is said to be PCing.
  • NPC: Non-Player Character. Characters and monsters created and used for plot. All players staying for more than one chapter will need to put in an NPC shift, where they play characters required by the plot at hand. A player can also full-time NPC in which they opt not to play their character during the event, but rather help plot by playing NPCs the whole event.
  • Build: as you play the game, you will receive Build. Build points are used to purchase skills and abilities among those of your class and race. You will receive one build per tag ring you purchase. You may also purchase an additional build – see Purchasing Tag Rings below.
  • Service Points: When a player goes above and beyond for the game, in an out of game capacity, such as donating needed items, or takes an extra NPC shift, they will be rewarded Service Points. Service points can also be used for “fonting” skills (allowing your character to temporarily gain skills that they would normally not have). After each event, 50 service points will be converted into 1 build for your character (you may opt out of this option by speaking to logistics or making a note on your character sheet before hand-in).

For more information about the rules of the game, see the Rulebook. For more information about Nocturne’s setting, see the World of Artanna section of this site.

Your First Event

Age Restrictions

14-15 years: Must be accomopanied by a parent or guardian for the duration of the event.
16-17 years: Must have a parent sign a permission waiver to attend.
18+ years: No maximum age restriction or permission required.


All new players must sign a Liability Waiver before participation.

Attendees usually start coming to the camp between 7-10PM on the Friday night of events. Logistics Team will run check-in in the Great Hall or NPC Cabin. At Camp Somers the Great Hall will be your first building on the right or directly across from parking lot. At Camp Wheeler , the NPC Cabin is the first cabin you’ll see once you’re in the Wheeler parking lot.

At check-in you choose between PCing and NPCing full-time. When NPCing you will fulfill different roles based on the standings going on. Attire for NPCs (Full-time or otherwise) is all black pants and shirt with no logos Additional costuming to go over your black clothing is provided, and you will be briefed on each role by the Cabin or Plot Marshall at the NPC Cabin. If it were a video game, you would be the entities created by the game-desiger to entertain the players. if you are PCing you will choose from one our our playable classes and races and enter the town of Iargail as a new townsfolk. Use the rulebooks race and class descriptions, as well as general world history and lore, to flavor your background story and roleplaying style. You must provide unique costuming for your PC character, and it is best to stick to a certain unique look and feel so your character can be distinguished against other NPC characters you may play.

To ensure we have enough people NPCing to entertain the amount of PCs we have each event, all players perform at least one shift of NPC-duty.
Preferences can be submitted at Pre-Reg, otherwise your shift will be assigned and you will be notified of your shift at check-in.

Purchasing Tag Rings

  • 1 Tag Ring: $20
  • 2 Tag Rings: $30
  • 3 Tag Rings: $45
  • 1 additional Build: $10

Those NPCing for the full event do not need to buy tag rings. All players are encouraged to pre-register. Doing so grants you certain bonuses of your choosing. See Pre-Registration for more information.

Game On

On the Friday night of an event, before the game begins, players and NPCs will be gathered in the Great Hall or the NPC cabin. The staff will introduce themselves, give rule clarifications, and answer questions of the players. New players will be welcomed to participate in the New Player Training quest, a brief in-game story intended to get new players acclimated to the game.

Non-Combat Status

For those who have a persistant physical ailment, we offer Non-Com or Non-Combative Status where you have full use of skills, but you will not strike or be struck by boffer weapons in martial combat. Action calls are made by pointing to your target within melee or spell-casting range, but no actual strikes should hit the target or caster. You must wear an orange cloth headband or armband, and it is recommended that you clarify your non-com status at game-on – usually ~10PM on Fridays.

Suggested Packing List

  • Toiletries (toothbrush/paste, soap, deodorant, makeup remover, baby wipes)
  • Bedding: Sleeping Bag + Pillow
  • Food: Water, Snacks & Lunch/Breakfast Food
  • PC Costuming
  • NPC Clothing (plain black or gray pants/shirt & hoodie to go under costuming)
  • Proper footwear (i.e. Hiking or LARPing Boots)
  • In-Game Raingear (leather overcoat/cloak, slicker etc)
  • Personal flashlight/glowsticks (certain game mechanics require red or white lights)
  • Extra socks and underwear
  • Towel for showering
  • Personal first-aid, headache, allergy meds, etc.
  • Bugspray
  • Boffer Weapons or Spell Packets
  • If Camping, BYO tent, tarps, tools for cutting wood, area lighting

In the colder months

  • Hats and gloves
  • Warm cloak
  • Underarmor or a warm base-layer
  • Wool socks
  • Cold weather boots
  • Firestarter logs or kindling for firestoves

In the warmer months

  • Sunscreen
  • Light cloak for night
  • Bugspray
  • Extra water/gatorade to stay hydrated
  • If we post on the forum that the pool will be in use, bring a bathing suit and pool towel.

Camp Ammenties

  • All Cabins have: power outlets, single bunks with mattresses and either a firestove or a thermostat. Most are firestove.
  • A bathouse with heated showers & M/W bathrooms
  • 1 refrigerator in “Iargail Barracks” with a kitchen (limited space, BYO-cooking utensils/pans & keep things tidy)
  • Several camping areas with firepits and raised platforms (During the summer, there are some pre-assembled tents. Otherwise BYO: yerts, pop-up, EZ-up, canvas etc – any style you prefer.)
  • Camp landscape includes many lantern-lit main trails, deer trails, a lake, look-out towers, sparring area, outdoor seating, swimming pool, and ropes course. (Pool and Ropes are for special events, see forum announcements for details.)

Handicap Access

We are a diverse game, and we do our best to accommodate all levels of physical ability, but please take note that our main trails are mostly well-kept dirt roads. For those who use the assistance of a cane, footing can be kept steady at a walking-pace, just be mindful of rocks and dips. There is limited accessibility for wheelchair access. If you have any questions about accessibility feel free to contact us.