Errata & Patch Notes

2016 Edition v0.1a


  • Changed how essence works. Martial Essence is up to 2 essence per level for 1 build each. Hybrid Essence is up to 1 essence per level for 1 build. Caster essence is 1 essence for 1 build once per every other level.
  • Intercede cannot be used in conjunction with avoidance-based defenses, such as Evade or Dodge.
  • Upper cap for Vigor and Mana have been removed. It now costs 1 build per mana/vigor for your first 40, 2 for your second 40, 3 for your third 40, etc.
  • Willpower can be used without calling it unless the skill that willpower defended against specifically requires it (such as Greater Dominate).


  • Demon’s Scourge removed from Djinn list
  • Djinn’s Fiery Breath does 10 infernal damage for 2 Vigor instead of 1 infernal per vigor spent.
  • Ancient Foe added to Djinn list
  • Cost of Infernal Pact in Djinn list clarified
  • Divine Restoration Clarified
  • Cost of Stone Stare for Gargoyles has increased
  • Aeryn’s free racial has changed
  • The Khunari and Nari lists are now separate.
  • Borrowed Body added to Netherfolk
  • Cost of Orc’s Unkillable has changed.
  • Reptan free racial is now constant instead of once per tag
  • Reptan’s Reptilian Hide stacks
  • Spit of the Cobra has been clarified


  • Riposte cost increased by 1
  • Sure Shot cost increased by 1
  • Intercede cost reduced by 1
  • Armsman do not benefit from the discipline they are performing on others.
  • Discipline of Skill:┬áThe casting cost of this Discipline is the cast cost of the skill gained, per person. Example: giving 4 people Intercede costs 8 vigor (4 x 2) for the Armsman performing the discipline.


  • Evade only defends against attacks from the back and surprise actions. It will also defend against Area of Effects if the character is within 5 feet of the edge of the Area.
  • Master Concealment: The hidden space must actually hide the objects out of game.
  • Pick Lock: After attempting to pick a lock, the caster gains knowledge of the rank of the lock.
  • Trap Dodge: increased cost to 4 Vigor from 2 Vigor
  • Disarm Traps has gotten overhauled and buffed
  • Trip Dart: After touching the ground, the target may; roll, crawl, defend themselves, etc. but may not stand up for 5 seconds. Decreased Build cost to 4 from 5.
  • Blind Dart: Build Cost increased by 2 and Vigor cost increased by 1.
  • Stunning Dart: Build Cost increased by 1 and Vigor cost increased by 1.
  • Numb Limb Dart: Build cost increased by 1.
  • Tangle Dart: Build cost increased by 1.


  • Demon Hunter no longer has a prerequisite.
  • Spellswords can Sever Limbs
  • Spell of the Dao: Curse you with Weakness no longer needs to be learned in game for a new character.
  • Cast an Infernal Boon has completely changed.
  • Spell of the Sabre: Possess the Demonic Mind has replaced Spell of the Sabre: Tether Lesser Demon.
  • Invoke Blood Pact has a reactive clause and can only be used once per tag.
  • Spell of the Scimitar: Cripple your Skill no longer needs to be learned in game for a new character.
  • Invoke the Armor of Samael: Changed durations for unwilling demons. Demon Hunter is still effective while under the effects of Armor of Samael.
  • Possess the Abyssal Mind has been removed (see the new Spell of the Sabre: Possess the Demonic Mind).
  • Curse of the Vaath Added (rank 5 spell)
  • Nethea swings Abyssal instead of Fire.


  • Channel Magic has received a buff to the initial damage.
  • Destroy Your Concentration is now rank 2
  • Break your Weapon is now rank 4
  • Break your Shield is now rank 3


  • Increased duration on Wizard’s Armor
  • Added Astral Dialect (rank 2 spell)
  • Removed Heal Mana (rank 2 spell)
  • Clarified a few things within Bestow Levitation
  • Dispel Magic is now Rank 3
  • Bestow Shimmering Skin is now rank 4
  • Added Wizard’s Hat ritual
  • Removed Resurrection ritual (don’t worry, you still have Stone of Resurrection)
  • Added Astral Vestment ritual
  • Removed Astral Tether ritual


  • Crusader’s Shield is now rank 4
  • Holy Armor is now rank 5 and duration increased
  • Honor Combat has been clarified
  • Sacrament of Benediction has received a buff
  • Holy Weapon has changed


  • Empathic Aid is now rank 2
  • Flowing Health is now rank 3
  • Sh’ddar shield renamed to Vitalia’s Shield.


  • Meditation of Immunity, Arrow Catching, Spell Turning, Wakened Mind, and Damage Resist now cost 2 to use their effect (was previously 1)
  • Meditation of Arrow Catching is now a rank 2 meditation
  • Clarified some rulings on Meditation of the Iron Palm
  • Meditation of Spell Turning is now a rank 3 meditation
  • Meditation of Spatial Awareness now costs 2 vigor to take minimal from surprise actions.
  • Dying while under the effect of Meditation of Wayward Souls requires you to see plot – hoobajooboo might be involved.
  • First use of Evade from Meditation of Clairvoyant is free, after that you pay for it from your vigor pool.
  • Changed the interaction of Meditation of the Gran Master and Favored Meditation.
  • Clarified some rules on Nerve Strike
  • Compassion now works so long as contact is kept with the target, instead of just one minute.
  • Recover is now a rank 1 Greater Discipline.
  • Mend is now a rank 4 Greater Discipline
  • A handful of clarifications and changes to Spirit of the Ages rules.
  • The stats for the Avatars of Cho-Ren have been changed.


  • Nethermancer’s have gained Leather Efficiency
  • Siphon your Strength is now rank 2
  • Grant you Death’s Vision is now rank 1
  • added Render Soul (rank 1 spell)
  • Clarified some rules on Bestow Death’s Grasp.
  • Buffed and altered some of the summoned minions.
  • Spirit Tether is now rank 3
  • Added Chill Soul (rank 4 spell)
  • Wall of Shadow renamed to Spirit Wall
  • Bestow Death’s Exhaustion has been removed
  • Removed Barrier of Undeath
  • Added Bestow Nethermantic Link (rank 5 spell)
  • Removed Bestow Facade of the Dead (rank 5 spell)
  • Added Bestow Spirit’s Riposte (rank 5 spell)
  • Added Bestow Wraith’s Touch (rank 5 spell)
  • Added Create a Haunting Spirit (rank 5 spell)
  • Removed Grant Speech
  • Removed Sacrament of Zombie Arm
  • Sacrament of Skeletal Arm now costs less
  • Added Guardian Spirits (rank 5 Sacrament)
  • Removed Sacrament of Seance
  • Removed Sacrament of Phantasm
  • Clarification: Render Soul on Nethermancer should have a duration of 5 minutes. Effects cast during that time last their appropriate duration but only have 5 minutes to cast those effects onto target.


  • Render Soul is now a Nethermancer thing.
  • Added Siphon your Defense (rank 1 spell)
  • Added Invoke T’rgall: Rage (rank 3 spell)
  • Added Invoke Balefor: Discipline (rank 3 spell)
  • Removed Hold you Still (rank 3 spell)
  • Removed Create an Armor Tap (rank 3 spell)
  • Harm’s blade is now a rank 4 Sacrament
  • Sacrament of Death’s Release is now a rank 5 sacrament and has several clarifications.


  • Create an Audible Glamour is now rank 2
  • Mask Alchemy is now rank 3
  • Removed Hold you in Thrall
  • Added Overwhlem You (rank 3 spell)
  • Added Trap your Mind (rank 4 Spell)
  • Added Shadow Pocket (rank 4 spell)
  • Grant you Spell Inefficiency is now rank 4
  • Grant you an Illiterate Mind is now rank 5
  • Added Shadow Walk (rank 5 spell)
  • Added Conceal Prayer (rank 5 spell)
  • Added Command your Shadow (rank 5 spell)
  • Clarified some rules on Sacrament of Illusionary Race
  • Added Domain of Darkness (rank 5 Sacrament)
  • Removed Phantasmal Transformation
  • Added stats for Shadow Stalker
  • Dreaming Ally was overhauled