This is the Soulsword. The Soulsword is Life and Death, Healing and Pain, Happiness and Grief.

It lives and breathes. Alone, it is incomplete.

I am the Wielder. I am Death to my Enemy and Life to my Companions.

I am powerful but I am also weak. Alone, I am incomplete.

We are united. We are brothers eternal. We move as one, think as one, kill as one.

We are Masters of our Destiny. Born anew, we are an entity unlike any. Together we are complete.

I am Spellsword.

Spellsword Creed ~ Tethys – Last Human Prince of Virilys and First Spellsword

And so the last human remnants of Virilys made their way to their new home, Erebus. Ixiel and his minions brought the humans to Erebus through many different means, each more sinister than the last. The portals that allowed instant access drove many humans mad, while some of the more sinister demons physically dragged some of the prisoners through the bowels of the land. These humans that survived did not reach Erebus for many years.

Ixiel put his new slaves to work immediately, using his growing powers to have them forge his greatest weapons, the Demonswords. These powerful swords forged for the Demon armies and the process could only be completed while holding the very first of these swords, Samiael. Thinking the humans weak and incapable of anything but manual labor, Ixiel bound the sword to Tethys so the humans could continue the forging process. In this, he created his greatest enemy.

With the sword in hand, Tethys slowly grew in knowledge of the powers of Erebus and how they could be shaped and formed to his will. Because of the Demon’s sensitivity to the use of magic, Tethys, with the use of Samiael, made it possible for all their new powers to be used through force of strength alone. In this way, they would stay undiscovered. Over time, not only did he become more powerful but he and his people began to change into what we now know as the Djinn.

So it came to pass, that while on his many campaigns, Ixiel had left Erebus and Tethys had his chance. Using the tools he had learned, Tethys and the Djinn were able to make their escape, slaying Demon upon Demon while doing so. The battles raged for many weeks before they finally broke through the Demon lines and were free.

Once free, the Djinn found the world much changed. Tethys took those who would follow him and began their search for a homeland where they can conduct their war against Ixiel and his demons. The other Djinn left to try and reclaim the lives they had lost all those many years ago.

No one knows where the Spellswords reside this day; however what is known is that they are well hidden from the eyes of Ixiel and will not rest until the Demon Lord and his spawn are destroyed forever.

The Sword and the Soul

The Soulswords are the tools that Spellswords use to defeat the armies of Ixiel. No one knows what they are made of or the true secret of how to summon them except the Caladvwlches. The ceremony that allows them to summon Soulswords are sometimes a mystery to the very Spellswords using them. All that is truly required is that the Spellsword fight against the demons until their very last breath swearing to the Spellsword Oath.

The Spellsword Oath

We shall be the weapons that defeats the scourge
We shall place the Union above life
We shall respect all who are bonded
We shall protect the unbound
We shall abide by the will of the descendant
We shall never submit to Self
We shall survive to further our cause
We shall never fall into the hands of the Scourge
We shall strive to remember what we have forgotten


Caladvwlch (pronounced Kal’ ed’ vich) is the rank given to the Masters of the Soulsword. These masters are tasked to follow and enforce the Laws of Tethys; the rules by which all Spellswords are to live and die by. They also hold the secret of summoning the Soulswords. They are the only few who have actually met with and seen the Descendant.

These masters are touched by the only living descendant of Tethys. This person is simply called The Descendant. Currently, this person is Raemias; son of Nergal. At the time they fall upon their last life, a Caladvwlch is required to name an heir. This is usually a student or apprentice. When they have died their last life, the heir will then be taken to the council and made a Caladvwlch. No one truly knows how many of the Masters there are, but as the Spellswords continue to grow, most believe their ranks are rather large.