About Nocturne

After 17 years Nocturne LARP ended in April 2022.

Thank you to all who made it a memorable experience. 

-Nocturne Owners

Nocturne is a Live Action Role Playing Game, or LARP based in New Jersey. A LARP can be thought of as a cross between a Renaissance Faire and a murder mystery party. Like a Renaissance Faire, there is an audience, and an array of scripted characters. In a LARP, however, the audience gets even closer to the action by donning medieval or high-fantasy themed costumes and fantastic personas. This allows players to directly interact with and influence the outcome of the game. The game directors host a weekend-long production called an event. During this time, players are confronted with the engrossing and multi-layered fantasy world of Nocturne.

Events take place one weekend every month. They begin on Friday nights and continue uninterrupted until Sunday mornings. Events take place at campgrounds and players should prepare as though they were taking a weekend camping trip. Nocturne’s events are held at Camp Allamuchy in Stanhope, New Jersey. The camp is well maintained¬†with running water, heated buildings, indoor/outdoor plumbing, and plenty of tent/cabin space. Smoking, drugs, and alcoholic beverages are strictly forbidden. Upon arrival, players are directed toward an area known as “game logistics.” This is where the business of Nocturne is conducted. Once registered with logistics, players are asked to set up their sleeping area. Soon afterward a brief opening ceremony is held, after which the game officially begins. Once the game starts it does not end until Sunday morning.

As sweeping as any movie or novel, Nocturne offers players a chance to step into roles that parallel those of their favorite heroes and villains. Puzzles challenge the wits of players even as staged “enemies” test their battle prowess. As a player explores the world, she grows in knowledge and power. This combined with open-ended, organic story arcs ensures that no two events are alike. There is always something new and exciting to explore.