After 17 years Nocturne LARP ended in April 2022.

Thank you to all who made it a memorable experience. 

-Nocturne Owners

The apocalypse has come. The Gates into infernal Erebus have been opened and from them issue a host of demonic powers bent wholly on the destruction of Aeryn, the mortal world. Only one small continent remains untarnished: Artanna. Preserved by the now quiet gods, the Sanctuary of Artanna stands as the last bastion of mortal life in the world. Cut off from their histories and ancient homelands, the mortal races are challenged to band together in order to reclaim all that has been lost.

But victory will not come easily. Whether by sword’s glinting edge, or by spell’s mystical might, great battles must be fought in order to slowly lift the veil of the demonic Scourge. The Sanctuary of Artanna contains all that survives of the mortal races. Every mortal in Nocturne is born in Artanna, the descendants of those mortal refugees who fled their homes over four centuries ago.

Citizens of Artanna, people of Aeryn,

Five hundred years ago the Sanctuary was created and our people were given a chance to salvage hope from the wreckage of the Scourge. At last that hope has come. A Lorekeeper has gone to the Black Oak and there received a true Prophecy. Whether the words come to us from the gods or through some force more intrinsic to our survival I can not say. But I do believe in the words. Out of Light and out of Darkness shall be forged a new kingdom that will rise to at last throw down the might of Erebus. In the untouched wilderness of Artanna a new nation is being founded. I am not so filled with pride as to think that this might be the Kingdom of Prophecy. But I do have hope.

And so I call to you, the peoples of a war-torn world. I call to all within the sound of my voice or with the ability to read these words. I call on the Sorcerers and the Reavers. I call on the Nethermancers and the Rogues. I call on the Armsmen and the Wardens. I call to the Arcanists and the Spellswords. I call on the Ritualists and the Mystics. I call on the Healers and the Druids. And I call on the Crusaders. Join me. Answer me and forge a new nation where the sprit of the Covenant rings true.

Give to me your swords and your spells. Give to me your strength, your faith and your hope. With these weapons we will plunge into the heart of the Foe and make good on the sacrifice of all those who lived and fought and died to give us this one chance to at last be free.

And if you followed me then I would follow you.

The story never truly ends but the beginning comes only once. Out of Light and out of Darkness there shall be forged a nation that shall grow great in strength and power and so one day defeat Ixiel and end the Scourge forever.